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Unearthing the Mystical Power of White Copal Resin: A Journey into Mayan Ancient Medicines

In the heart of Central America lies a land full of vibrant culture, lush landscapes, and ancient traditions - Guatemala.

During my immersion into the world of the Mayan Cosmovision at Lake Atitlan, I stumbled upon a hidden gem - White Copal resin. It's aromatic treasure is deeply entwined with Mayan heritage and it captivated my senses and led me on a journey of discovery and connection with the Elements, myself and the invisible world.

In this article I want to share with you my story about how I discovered the ancient powers of White Copal and decided to bring it back to the UK and share it with the world.

Ceremony with White Copal Resin and Cacao

The Quest for Cacao Wisdom

Before I even knew about the proper and powerful use of White Copal, my journey began with the passion for cacao, our well known beloved sacred bean that was discovered by the Olmecs civilization and then, after centuries, gifted by the Gods to the Mayan people.

In one of my very first times when I sat in ceremony with cacao, the cacao spirit loudly told me that was time for me to get dirty my hands in her soil, on her Land. I was literally called to travel to the Mayan land, the ancient Mesoamerica, which central and southern Mexico and Guatemala are part of. The Mayan land and its ancient culture called me to know and understand more about them and myself too and I answered it’s calling by booking a journey that I knew will change me forever.

There, I did some volunteering in cacao plantations and initiated to cacao by two Mexican women. The initiation happened without even knowing that it was happening, yes! These Olmecas women literally showed up to the farm in Mexico where I was, they looked into my eyes and said: "Welcome, we were waiting for you."

Then, after my volunteering, I crossed by road Chiapas and reached Guatemala, where I did my 14 days full immersion in Maya Cosmovision alongside cacao. I was diving deep into my essence, shadows, simplicity, magic, and cacao trees, I was surrounded by cacao pods with promise, healing, mystical smokes, and dreams.

Encountering White Copal

During my Cosmovision Cacao training with LavaLove at Lake Atlitlan, I encountered the fresh and sticky White Copal resin for the first time. The shaman lit the Copal in a traditional copalera, and immediately, the air became thick and light at the same time with its ethereal fragrance and as it burned, it created a mystical atmosphere of reverence and connection to the invisible world and the above. I could literally sensing the ‘materialization’ of a bridge between dimensions.

White Copal resin is a natural aromatic sap derived from the Copal tree (genus Bursera), native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. The Mayans, who inhabited this vibrant landscape, recognized the unique properties of this resin and incorporated it into their daily rituals and ceremonies. Its name, "Copal," is derived from the Nahuatl (traditional Mayan language) word "copalli," which means incense.

White Copal Resin and Cacao

A Bridge to the Ancients

As I delved deeper into the world of cacao, I discovered that for the Mayans, the use of fresh and natural White Copal resin was literally a conduit to the spiritual realm.

It was a sacred substance used in ceremonies, both past and present, and this absolutely fascinated and captivated me. It was said to carry prayers to the gods, spirits, ancestors, purify spaces, ward off negative energies, and elevate the consciousness of those in its presence. It plays a central role in various ceremonies, including birth, marriage, death, and offerings to the gods. The resin's history was woven into the very fabric of the culture I was immersing myself in.

The Healing Touch

Beyond its spiritual significance, White Copal also revealed its therapeutic potential. The resin contains a rich assortment of organic compounds, including terpenes and volatile oils, which impart it with antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

I observed its use in treating minor ailments and experienced its calming and conscious expanding effects firsthand. The resin's natural characteristics made it a valuable ally in the realm of my own healing, practicing and rituals. I discovered also, that it’s a valuable tool for treating wounds, respiratory ailments, and joint pain.

Embracing the Essence

As my time in Guatemala unfolded, White Copal became an integral part of my daily rituals. I learned the right way to burn it, and deepened the connection with one of my most magical spirit guides, the element of Wind. Funny fact is, that as soon as I arrived in Mexico, at the cacao farm, the farmer call me Viento! (Viento is the Spanish word for wind.)

Its scent became a comforting presence that grounded me in the moment and helped me to connected to the ancient traditions that were surrounding me, expanding my crown chakra, and connecting more with the spirit world. I was becoming one with the smoke while the wind whispered guidance and messages to my consciousness.

A Treasure Shared

Upon returning home, I carried with me not only the knowledge of cacao, but also the gift of White Copal. It now holds a special place in my practice, a reminder of the deep connections we can forge with ancient traditions through immersive experiences. Its presence continues to inspire and ground me and it is a tangible link to the spiritual tapestry woven by the Mayans, being omnipresent in every of my ceremony gatherings.


My immersion into the world of cacao in Guatemala not only deepened my understanding of these sacred plants but also introduced me to the mystical world and profound wisdom of White Copal resin. This aromatic treasure, steeped in Mayan tradition, became a bridge to the past and a source of healing in the present. Through this journey, I discovered that sometimes, the most profound discoveries come not from planned pursuits, but from the serendipitous encounters along the way.

If you feel the call to try this beautiful smoke in your daily practice, you can find and order it here.

Also, if you have any questions about the resin and how it should be used, please get in touch with me, I am sure that once you try it, you will never leave it behind!



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