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100% Organic Theobroma Cacao

Nowadays Cacao is mostly known as 'Heart Opener', the medicine for the heart. In the spiritual community, cacao is vastly used for its property in reaching a deep state of relaxation, and for highly increasing the connection with your own body. These are all common experiences, but the thing that has most intrigued and made me passionate is that there is a proven physicality in its own natural chemistry/biology, that determines that cacao is not only a 'woo-woo' plant used by shamans.

Cacao is a superfood, a natural booster. It contains Theobromine which is a stimulant substance, that's milder and has about a quarter of the stimulating power of its sister molecule, caffeine.

Different from coffee, cacao acts as a vasodilator supporting blood flow through the heart and around the body. Increasing the blood circulation (NOT the pressure!), and so the oxygenation in the body increases, the blood vessels dilate, and cacao delivers this physical sense of expansion of the heart, and relaxation, especially in the chest area, eventually helping with sleep and releasing the tension accumulated in the body. That's why ultimately we call cacao the Heart Opener medicine.

This is really the key point in how pure cacao paste (aka liquor) helps to align ourselves with the body, mind, and spirit.

This special fruit naturally shifts our Consciousness, and that's why cacao is one of the most ancient plant medicine ever used by shamans from Central and South America.

Cacao is not a psychedelic plant, but a psychoactive instead. It means that naturally, it gives you access to feeling a state of inner harmony, peace, bliss, happiness, and joy until you almost reach a euphoria blessing!

Image by Larry Garcia Pezo


Because, Cacao biologically contains special molecules which increase our natural well-being, as they are natural antidepressants and mood lifters.

One of these is called Anandamine (aka the bliss molecule) which boosts and stabilizes the mood increasing dopamine and serotonin levels.

The other key molecule is PEA (Phenylethylamine). This is a molecule that increases the effectiveness of neurotransmitters, the brain chemicals, increasing the feeling of joy, mental concentration and positive attitude.

But the beauty of this superfood does not end here.

Cacao is a high source of minerals such as Iron, Zinc, but primarily Magnesium! An increase in Magnesium intake shows strengthened bones, plus muscle relaxation.

Cacao is a slow food, balances the blood sugar level in the body, is a natural laxative, and supports and soothes the women's menstrual cycle.

Researchers have shown that cacao contains much more antioxidants than green tea, up to three times, and nearly twice more than red wine. Antioxidants reduce the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins which is bad cholesterol!

Cacao is an aphrodisiac, plus it contains some percentage of linoleic Omega6 and linoleic Omega3.

Organic pure Cacao butter mainly contains vitamin E ..

... if this is not a SUPERfruit, it is for sure a SUPERnatural Amazonian plant!

Small tropical plant, also known as cocoa tree, is used to make chocolate in its different presentations, it can be processed in two fermented phases (anaerobic or alcoholic where yeasts transform the starch and sugars of the mucilage into ethanol alcohol).
To obtain it, the cocoa is subjected to a complete fermentation process that consists of causing the death of the seed embryo at high temperatures for 6-8 days (depending on ambient temperatures) in wooden boxes; When the embryo dies, the almond acquires pronounced chocolate flavors and aromas, which allows us to obtain export-quality raw materials for the production of fine chocolate and pastries, dried in Samoa or in a solar dryer, with a moisture content of 18 degrees.
They are normally packaged in plastic bags of 50kg each, stored on wooden pallets to protect from soil moisture, in fresh and humid ambient conditions.

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