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A 22-day self-discovery programme


A sacred invitation to meet the 3 aspects of yourself, gathering ALL of the women you are...

The girls we used to be, the women we are now & the women we are yet to become

An opportunity to form a more trusting relationship with these aspects. This is a gift to the younger you, the little girl/teen/younger woman you were. It’s an honoring of the woman you are now - how far you’ve come, what you achieved, what you struggled with, what you’ve grown through, what you’ve gained and lost. And an invitation to the woman you are yet to become, to show herself, so you may get to know her deeply, as a guide, as a friend and a mentor, a change-maker and a pathfinder - she is your higher priestess.

We easily lose ourselves in being ‘busy’ and being a support to others. Each year, we walk into these new phases of our lives blindly which means: We continue to walk with our hurts, past pain and wounds. We don’t truly see or step into the incredible power we have.

This program is designed to give meaning to your past, to make peace with it if you need to, appreciate and honor the woman you are now, and to create, form, and hold dear the woman you are yet to become.

Over 22 days with a close-knit confidential sisterhood to support you.

This is a deeply personal journey.

You will be witnessed in your grounded growth, your sacred healing, and your birthright to thrive by women, in complete confidence - a trust bond between you all, a safe space for you to speak your truth.

What this program includes:

  • 4 x online or in-person Cacao gatherings;

  • 18 daily rituals, meditations & home based ceremonies;

  • A private playlist;

  • Private group support;

  • A copy of the book 'HELD' or 'A Woman's Blessing' by Lynette Allen.

Not included but available upon order:

  • Ceremonial grade Cacao for the 22 days of rituals and ceremonies.


The amount needed for the whole online program is 620gr.

It includes 25gr per 18 daily rituals and 42.50gr per 4 ceremonies.​

The amount needed for the in-person program is 450gr.

It includes 25gr per 18 daily rituals. 

Cacao for the ceremonies will be provided to you at the venue of the gatherings.


This is a re-wiring, a regeneration, a reforming.

In this sacred sister circle, you will form a bond with these 3 self-aspects as well as the women you are with. You will learn deeply about them and yourself.

You will hold the hands of your past self and need and allow your future self to be your guide.

This immersion will see a re-parenting of you, a ‘moving-past’ of old family patterns, inviting in fresh energy, clear perspectives, self-love, and empowerment.

The investment is £250.

Payment plans are also available.

The next in-person edition is starting in March, on Sunday the 3rd,

per four Sundays in a row, from 12 pm to 2 pm.

( full address given upon booking - South London - UK )

The online edition is also in March, starting on Tuesday the 19th,

per four Tuesdays in a row, from 7 pm to 9 pm - UK time.


Contact me to discuss any further :)

the group is limited to just 6 women plus me.

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