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Unprocessed & wild harvested white Copal resin.

Mindfully collected from the Bursera tree in the Guatemalan jungle.

This is an Authentic Sacred Mayan Medicine used as incense during ceremonies since pre-Columbian times.


In the Maya tradition, it is considered the bridge to connect with our ancestors, it also elicits mental uplift, clarity and has calming effects.

That is why it is vastly used for sacred smudge, rituals, energetic cleansings of body aura and home space. 

Simply directly from the tree to your copalera.



Wholesale orders are also available, contact us for more info.

Fresh White Copal

PriceFrom £15.00
  • How to use your copal:

    You will need a charcoal, and a ceramic or metal bowl/plate or any incense burner. (definitely Not something made by wood)

    Be aware that fresh resin is very sticky, so in order to pick it up, choose something you will dedicate it for, it will be very tricky to clean it after use.

    Light up your charcoal with a lighter or matches for about 20 seconds until it self-ignites. Place it on your burner/copalera. Pick up a small amount of resin and place it on top of the charcoal.

    Fresh raw resin does a more intense smoke that usual incenses and refined resins.

    Enjoy the smudge! 

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