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Fire-roasted organic cacao beans.


Whole cacao beans from Mexico.

They literally are the previous state of the Maya Chontal ceremonial grade cacao paste.

Sun-dried and traditionally fire-roasted, these delicious and fragrant beans are taken care of by the women collectives one by one.

Crush them to have fresh luscious crunchy nibs ready to sprinkle on your porridge, yogurt, smoothies or friut salads.

Maya Chontal Tostado

PriceFrom £10.00
  • These Mexican cacao beans still have the husk.

    Remove the husks before crushing them, and save them! With the husk you can prepare a night soothing cacao tea (the peel doesn't contain Theobromine), feel free to add any cinnamon or cardamon on it. 

    It will be like a comfortable hug during your moon cycle.

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