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100% Pure Organic Cacao Butter.


Unrefined Natural Cacao Butter from Mexico. This cacao butter is made from the Maya Chontal cacao beans. 

Unique and not available the whole year, as, during the harvesting, the small collective makes a limited and conscious quantity of it.

Rich in chocolatey flavour, it has a silky texture for your skin. It is perfect for your skincare and a sublime ingredient in your kitchen.

Manteca de Cacao

PriceFrom £8.00
  • Cocoa butter is in solid form, and it melts just below the temperature of the human body.

    It is highly nutritious as it contains high level of antioxidants, it contains Vitamin E so has skin protective qualities and it is resistant to rancidity.

    It is perfect for your lips, hands and body skin in general. On top, it possesses an aphrodisiac scent.

    In the kitchen it is vastly used for making raw cakes. However, in Mexico it is also used in savoury and stew recipes.

    This elixir is definitely a treat for your senses.

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