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Fire-roasted, handpeeled organic cacao beans.


Whole cacao beans from Guatemala.

They literally are the previous state of the Guatemayan ceremonial grade cacao paste.

Sun-dried and traditionally fire-roasted, these delicious beans are taken care of by the women collectives one by one.

Crush them to have fresh and fragrant crunchy nibs ready to sprinkle on your porridge, yogurt, smoothies or fruit salads.


Guatemayan Tostado

PriceFrom £10.00
  • Guatemayan Tostado beans are deliciously strong in taste.

    The beans have been fermented for 9 days to reach an intense flavor, and sometimes some of them can taste quite fermented (acid). There is nothing wrong in the seed, its just the natural process of itself.

    Beans being whole, and not pre-crushed maintain intact the flavor, fragrance and quality, without drying hard, but instead keeping their full beautiful crunchiness.

    They can literally added in every plate, savoury or sweet.

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