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Fave di cacao biologico essiccate al sole, macinate a pietra, artigianali e tostate al fuoco.

Super generosa di grassi buoni, questa pasta di cacao cerimoniale terrosa e nocciola delizierà le tue cellule sin dal primo sorso.

Da Patulul Suchitepequez Guatemala, questo cacao è composto al 100% dalla varietà Criollo, fermentato per nove giorni in cassette di legno, poi tostato a fuoco e sbucciato a mano dalle donne del locale collective.


Disponibile anche all'ingrosso, contattaci per maggiori informazioni.

Cacao guatemalteco

PrezzoA partire da £13,00
  • We invite you to use between 15 to 25gr per person as a daily dose, instead of your usual coffee perhaps. 

    It is advisable to not mix cacao and coffee intake within 5 hours after consumption of one of these in order to avoid any crash of energy manifesting as headaches.

    For a deeper connection use around 40 - 43gr. This is a usual ceremonial dose where you can dive deep with cacao and connect in sacred space.

    Never mix cacao with a dairy product (such as cow milk) as dairy proteins will screen your body and so you won't be able to absorb all the nutritional cacao properties.

    The monthly covering option of 750gr is calculated for an intake of 25gr per 30 days.

    Relax, meditate, celebrate or just enjoy the energy booster that she is.

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