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Image by Birmingham Museums Trust


Cacao is the most loyal plant medicine I have ever met in my personal self-discovering & healing journey.

She is my guide and my ally on the daily basis. Entering holy communion and communication with this ancient spirit, I literally experienced the best shifts in my life. She brought me to travel to different countries in the world, where I found answers and important insights for my growth and personal development, knowing that Self Healing & Discovering is really a never-ending process.

After my initiation travel to Mexico in 2021, I have decided that I want to spread the Majestic & Extraordinary Super Food which is Cacao.

Then now, after my last trip to Brazil, I realized how important and essential the land, the Amazonia Rainforest, and our World's lungs are!

So this project that is birthing now is my heart's Mission, to sustain and support not just Cacao and its tradition, but also a project to awaken and educate people in the Western part of the World about the importance of sustainable land work, agriculturally and agroforestry.

An arid, malnourished, defaced and abused land cannot bear fruit.

Nowadays, cacao plants are starting to die due to the lack of nutrients in the soil after only 2 years of life. 

Consider that a single cacao plant starts to make its first fruits after 5 years of age.

We want you to know that when you buy Pure.Cacao.Dream products you are sustaining non-profit organizations such as Rainforest Mexico Alliance and Imaflora Brazil.

This is important for me as much to know by person my suppliers, the farmers, the farms, and the lands where cacao is from.

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