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Gather the Women - Online intake

25gr per 18 daily rituals + 42.50gr per 4 ceremonies = 620gr


Gather the Women - In-person edition

25gr per 18 daily rituals = 450gr

Gather the Women - Maya Chontal Cacao

PrezzoA partire da £35,00
  • Sundried, stoneground, handcrafted and fire-roasted cacao beans.

    Silky taste, and feminine gentle energy.

    This ceremonial-grade cacao is made in the region of Tabasco, Mexico.

    The small collective uses the Tabasco blend of beans: Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario.

    Traditionally in this region the beans are not fermented, but instead Lavado.

    Different country, different tradition, same passion, same dedication.

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